Philosophy of Cosmology Project discussed in the CHE

There's an interesting article in the most reacent Chronicle of Higher Education discussing Templeton grants to philosophers and scientists, with special emphasis on this one.  If you'd like to know more about the history of the Templeton foundation, or about the process by which our group became affiliated with the foundation, it's definitely worth a read.  You can find it here.

Parallel Project in Oxford and Cambridge

For more information about the parallel project in philosophy of cosmology at Oxford and Cambridge, please see the following webpage:  We're very excited about this promising partnership.

Philosophy of Cosmology Postdocs

The Philosophy of Cosmology team is pleased to announce that three postdoctoral fellowships are now available to recent PhD's hoping to advance their research in the philosophy of cosmology or related feilds.  For information on who's eligible and how to apply, go here.  Applications will be accepted starting July 8.

A Universe From Nothing?

In 'A Universe From Nothing,' Lawrence M. Krauss argues that quantum mechanics can explain why there is something rather than nothing. In this review in the New York Times, David Albert argues that Kraus' arguments fall far shorter than he intends.  For a full discussion look here.

Templeton Grant Funds Project in Philosophy of Cosmology at Oxford and Cambridge

See the announcement here.

Tim Maudlin in the Atlantic

Check out this interesting interview with Tim Maudlin, in which he discusses the early stages of the universe, some questions in the philosophy of physics, and the relationship between philosophy and physics (as disciplines).