Philosophy of Physics Seminar

Advanced Topics: Philosophy of Physics at Rutgers

Barry Loewer and David Albert are co-teaching a seminar on Fridays
this term at Rutgers (scheduled for 1 to 4 PM, beginning
on January 25) on a variety of open and outstanding questions in the foundations
of physics.  We intend to pay particular attention the foundations of
statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics, the direction of time,
the relationship between quantum-mechanical non-locality and special
relativity, the metaphysics of the wave-function, the possibility that
space and time are emergent from something more fundamental, the
architecture of a fundamental theory of everything, and various
questions in the foundations of cosmology.  The skeletal structure of
the course will follow a collection of essays that the two of us have
written on these topics over the past several years - but we
anticipate that it will quickly and substantially branch out from
there, in ways that will depend on the interests and backgrounds of
those attending the course.  A good way to prepare would be to have a
look at two earlier books of Albert's "Time and Chance", and
"Quantum Mechanics and Experience".