An interview with Brian Green

Barry Loewer and Tim O'Connor on Philosophy TV

Ernst Mach Workshop at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Barry Loewer's Keynote Address: Part 1/9 Part 2/9 Part 3/9 Part 4/9 Part 5/9 Part 6/9 Part 7/9 Part 8/9 Part 9/9

Rutgers Philosophy of Physics Conference 2010

Priya Natarajan discusses epistemological issues in cosmology

Panel Discussion on philosophy of physics and time's arrow

Talks from the Foundational Question Institute's "Setting Time Aright" Conference

Tim Maudlin on existence

Tim Maudlin v. Julian Barbour on the nature of time

Panel discussion on time in physics and philosophy

David Albert on Memory

David Albert v. David Wallace on Quantum Mechanics

Other talks from Setting Time Aright conference


An interview with Brian Green